Cappadocia In 48 Hours

Cappadocia In 48 Hours

Cappadocia in 48 Hours

There are many sights to see in Cappadocia. If you have a tight schedule, you can fit a nice trip in two days. Here’s your route?


One should start a tour around Cappadocia from the Uchisar castle. If the sky is clear, from the castle’s walls you can see Mount Erciyes and the Hasan Mountain Range, the Kızılırmak River flowing through the ancient town of Avanosi and the Guvercinlik Valley (Pigeon Valley)


Time to hit the road for ‘Land of Beautiful Horses’ Cappadocia. The best way to explore this wonderful landscape is trekking. You can hike through the AK Valley where the highest fairy chimneys in the region are located.

The endemic purple and yellow irises and blooming trees are lovely suprises you’ll encounter.


You’ll arrive on foot for lunch break at an authentic restaurant carved into the rocks in Goreme. Enjoy aside (made from flour and molasses) and apricot desserts. You can include Pasabagları in your short tour around Goreme.


Next stop is Avanos, which has been a ceramics center since ancient times. After a short walk along Kızılırmak River, you can visit one of the ceramics shops and try your hand at pottery.


After shopping, drop by Çavusin. During the half hour climb, you’ll pass through neighborhoods of traditional old stone houses. You can take a tea break here.


Definitely visit Red Valley and watch the sunset there. This place takes its name from the red color of the rocks at sundown.


One of Turkey’s grandest adventures awaits you at down. You should fly in a hot air balloon to marvel at th wonderful view of Cappadocia from the sky.

Looking down, one cannot help but admire this landspace.


Visit the Devrent Valley on the road between Urgup and Avanos for a short walk. Featuring fairy chimneys of various sizes and shapes, the valley is famous for its fairy chimney that resembles a camel.


an  important religous center for early christianity, Cappadocia has hundreds of rock churches. Those with the most beautifully painted murals and exhibited at the Goreme Open Air Museum.


Climb down into the Underground City of Derinkuyu. It’s said that all theese tunnels are linked together in Cappadocia.


For the finale, visit Sinasos, or Mustafapaşa as it now more commonly called. How about one last walk before leaving Cappadocia among its mosque, madrasah, church and , most importantly very old stone mansions.